Wir können zu zwölf auf deutsch zählen.

Primary 6/7 ~ Miss Mullin and Mrs James

This morning, P7 learned how to count to twelve in German!

We were visited by Ms Beyer (from Germany) and Ms Snoek (from Glen Urquhart High School.)  Ms Beyer showed us some short films made by her high school pupils.  She teaches her classes German and English.  Then Ms Beyer and Ms Snoek taught us to count to twelve.  We made a human number line and then played a dice game .

Some of the words reminded us of English, French and Gaelic number words.

We’ll have another session with Ms Snoek and Ms Beyer next Thursday.  In the meantime, can you ask us to count to twelve for you at home?

eins zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn, elf, zwölf


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Visit to Scotmid

P6/7D enjoyed a tour of the local ScotMid Cooperative supermarket this morning.  Lynne and Alexander showed us what goes on behind the scenes and we also had a go at shelf stacking.  P6/7D found out how the shop runs and the importance of technology in ordering and keeping track of items.  They found out about the different jobs you do when you work in the shop.   Pupils were interested to find out about the work that ScotMid does with its community grants and support of charities.  They found Fairtrade products within the shop. Pupils were also interested to see the improved fridge systems and cold storage facilities and the environmentally friendly systems in place.  They kept track of the thermometers throughout their visit.  They were amazed to learn about the CCTV system, which can be viewed from Head Office in Edinburgh!  Lynne and Alexander were happy to answer any questions and gave the children a reusable shopping bag and some fruit as they left.  Thank you very much Alexander and Lynne for making us all so welcome!


British Science Week

This week is British Science Week and the P6/7 classes are focusing on electric journeys.  On Monday we learned about neurons and the science of memory.  After viewing some fascinating video footage, we made our own model neurons and then wrote a memory to fill the neuron cell body.  We learned how different parts of the neuron make connections to other neurons.  Some neurons have thousands and thousands of connections but others have only a few.  Did you know? The human brain has over 100 billion neurons. There is enough electricity in your head to illuminate a light bulb!

Dancing newts

This morning we learned about static electricity, and why helicopters have to use a static line to keep their winchmen safe.

Just like Matilda (Roald Dahl), we played a trick with a newt! We carefully cut out tissue paper ‘newts.’  Then we ‘charged up’ balloons by rubbing them against our jumpers for at least 20 seconds.  Next, we held the balloons over the newts…Hey Presto!  They danced in the air and some of them stuck to the balloons!

Ask us to explain the science behind this!

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