Outdoor measuring

“P6 visit to Craigmonie woods

On Thursday 27th of June, the P6’s went on a very interesting trip to Craigmonie woods.

In the first activity we learned how to measure trees with just a measuring tape and ourselves.  We walked forward from the tree and looked under our legs, (your line of vision is always 45° when you do this.) Then we measured the distance between you and the tree. Our results for this activity were 20m and 14.1m.

In the next activity we measured out 30 steps from the base of the tree and then we laid down on our backs and our partners walked 27 steps from the tree. Our partner would hold the metre stick and the partner lying down would tell them to move their finger up and down until it looked like it was level with the top of the tree.  We then multiplied the measurement that their finger was on by 10. We didn’t think the second way was as accurate as the first.

This experience  was really fun and interesting and it would be really fun if we did it again.” (Christa & Alba)

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