Conserve at the Cover

Time is flying by! So a belated post from our fantastic trip to ‘The Cover’ .  We completed our conservation activities today. Grateful thanks to Ross and Juliet from Woodland Trust for organising another super outdoor learning session! We learned about how Dwynwen Hopcroft from Loch Ness Knitting uses waste materials to create natural dyes for yarn. Here are a couple of pupil reports about our day!

“Conserve at the cover

When we went to the cover we looked into the processes of colouring wool for clothes. We cut some small sycamore trees to make room for the covers native species. We created animal dens because some of the animals were losing their homes due to invasive species and people disrupting the land.

The reason we did this is that we are slowly losing our native species over plants like japanese knotweed. We enjoyed the lopping of the sycamores because it was fun learning how to hold the tool correctly and how to use it responsibly . We particularly enjoyed carrying the sticks once we were done.

We learnt that Ash trees enjoy small amounts of water but do not enjoy a huge amount as it dampens their roots and can potentially rot the inside of the tree. We learnt this piece of information from Ross.”  

” The Cover

Ross told us that he thought one of the ash trees might have ash dieback but he sent a sample of the tree to these people and they said it was fine. He thinks the reason the tree looked ill is because when the river floods the tree gets too much water. We made animal homes out of lots of things we found in the woods(100% natural ). We also moved logs and branches that people had just chucked there.

We were lopping and sawing down young sycamore that were stopping other plants from growing.  It also gives room for the stronger sycamore trees and ash trees to grow properly.”

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