Profiles please :-)

If not already handed in, please bring back red profiles and green jotters by Friday. Thank you! 🙂


Happy Holiday

I hope you all have a fantastic long weekend!  See you on Thursday 21st February.

World of Work Presentations

We were very proud of our P6 and P7 pupils who shared their World of Work presentations with the whole school at Assembly.  We learned about the careers of Firefighters, Electricians, Engineers and Marine Biologists.  We found out how maths and science are used as well as other interesting facts about their jobs.The pupils were all complimented on their clear voices and informative presentations.

Topic trios

P6/7D work well together! Today, we were completing further research on our topic on ‘The wars of independence’.  We also looked at the reliability of sources/evidence and the difference between fact and opinion.



Resilient Kids :-)

P7 have started their Resilient Kids group activities.  The activities help children learn how to manage their feelings and build friendships in preparation for their transition to High School.  I was really impressed by the maturity and empathy shown in today’s session.  We worked well together today in role play to act out how situations might unfold.

Today’s key phrase ” I’m ok, You’re ok, we’re ok together!”

Film Night

Primary 6/7 ~ Miss Mullin and Mrs James

Today we were visited by S2 pupils who have organised a fundraiser for “Adopt a Child.”  They are hosting a Film Night at the Craigmonie Theatre (GlenUrquhart High School) on Monday 25th February at 6.30pm.  Entry is £2.  There will be refreshments available to buy.  The film being shown is “Shrek.”  The S2s told us that the event will finish by 9pm (not 9.30pm as the poster suggests.)

This is a great opportunity for our P6/7s to mix with pupils from Balnain and Cannich Bridge Primaries, as well as the S1s, S2s and S3s from GUHS!

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Careers Fair Tonight!

Primary 6/7 ~ Miss Mullin and Mrs James

This evening is the annual careers fair at Glenurquhart High School, from 7pm – 9pm.  The P7s have already received their invitations but all primary pupils are welcome (as long as they are with an adult.)

There will be a raffle tonight. Every pupil will be given a raffle ticket on entry. We will draw the raffle during the evening and the winning ticket will be awarded a £25.00 Amazon Voucher! 😊

Miss Mullin and Mr Macleod look forward to seeing some of you there!

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